Jリーグ第29節 横浜F・マリノス 対 ヴィッセル神戸は、0対2でヴィッセル神戸が勝利 Vissel Kobe won the J-League match between Yokohama F. Marinos and Vissel Kobe by 0-2.








神戸のように、特定のプレイヤー、今回の場合は大迫と武藤、に頼った戦術をメインにしているチームがJリーグを優勝していいのかという疑問が浮上してくる。確かに、個人の技術や能力はチームの勝利に大きく寄与するが、長期的な視点で見ると、チーム全体のバランスや戦術の多様性も equally 重要である。今季の神戸の成功は、他のチームにも個人頼みの戦術の有効性を示しているが、これがJリーグ全体の進化に繋がるのかは、今後の展開を見守る必要がある。


にほんブログ村 サッカーブログ サンフレッチェ広島へ

This was a big game in the final stages of the season that would determine the winner of the championship.
Yokohama F-Marinos welcomed Vissel Kobe to Yokohama Stadium with a 1-point lead before the game, and the result, as you know, was a big matchup.
As you know, the result was a 0-2 victory for the away team, Vissel Kobe, with one goal each from their two aces.
They came very close to winning the championship.

A victory of tactics? : Kobe's "individual tactics" shines through.

The match between Yokohama F. Marinos and Vissel Kobe in the 29th round of the Meiji Yasuda Life J1 League drew the attention of many soccer fans. Kobe overwhelmed Yokohama M with their "individual tactics. In particular, they contained Yokohama M's attacks by playing with their bodies between their opponents and the ball. This tactical superiority contributed greatly to Kobe's 2-0 victory.

Osako and Muto: Key to Kobe's Attack

Two goals in the first half, a penalty kick by Yuya Osako and a header by Yoshinori Muto from a set piece, gave Kobe a two-goal lead in the first half. The combination of Osako and Muto, in particular, has become the cornerstone of Kobe's attack and proved its worth in this match, with Kobe's players excelling in one-on-one matchups, especially between Osako and Eduardo, Hatsuse and Jan Matheus, and Iino and Nagato.

Individual Reliance on Tactics and the Future of the J-League
The question arises as to whether a team like Kobe, whose tactics rely primarily on specific players, in this case Osako and Muto, can win the J-League. Certainly, individual skill and ability contribute greatly to a team's victory, but from a long-term perspective, overall team balance and tactical diversity are equally important. Kobe's success this season has shown other teams the effectiveness of tactics that rely on individuals, but whether this will lead to the evolution of the J. League as a whole remains to be seen.

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